Working on NFT development since 2019, we created the earliest NFT minting technology, specifically to support the intellectual property rights around Domain Names issued as Tokens. The innovative platform was coded by our subsidiary REX NFT.


Stay tuned, now we open the gates. We will make the technology freely available for EVERYONE who owns premium domain names. Until now we have only used the technology to mint domain NFTs for our own portfolio of premium crypto domains.

REX NFT, is the first miniting platform to issue tokens simultaneously based on 5 different standards, not only the common ERC-721 and ERC-1155 standards. Immediately, after the minting, the tokens are distributable to ZoraRarible, Opensea, and indeed to REX NFT’s proprietary token marketplace. All 100% free.

These premium domains…

…and many other names are available for rent, sale, and NFT minting. Reserve your favorite today